Spirit™ Adjustable Positioning System™ (APS™) Car Seat
US Patent # D636,190 S


MSRP: $1,150.00

Car Seat Safety Meets Complex Positioning! Columbia Medical has redefined the adaptive car seat industry with the launch of its new Spirit 2400 Adjustable Positioning System (APS) Car Seat that features optional swing-away trunk and hip supports normally found only in complex wheelchair seating systems. The Spirit APS is designed for users between 25-130lbs., and up to 66 inches in height. It comes standard with features such as soft-padded head support, low profile sides to make transfers of passengers easier, plush machine-washable upholstery, 5-point harness for safety and a recline bar to provide optional recline (tilt). Also, installation is made easier as the vehicle shoulder belt can be used as the tether in most installations.

For users requiring additional positioning, the Spirit is the only car seat that offers swing-away trunk and hip supports that are individually adjustable and can be fitted exactly to the user's specifications. The support assemblies, along with the pads, can be ordered in various sizes to accommodate varying trunk and hip widths. The swing-away latch mechanisms enable a full 180 degree range so that they swing completely out of the way during transfers of the individual in and out of the seat.

The Spirit was designed to enhance the lives of children with special needs by providing a car seat for support and comfort.



Standard Features

  • Can be outfitted with adjustable hip and trunk supports for better positioning
  • Vehicle shoulder belt may be used to tether in most cases (Note: Tether purchase required to ensure safety.)
  • Able to support users up to 66 inches in height and up to 130 lbs. in weight
  • Low profile sides for easy transfer of users
  • Durable, machine-washable padded cover
  • 5-point harness
  • Recline bar (-30 degrees from vertical when measured on a flat surface)


  • #2405 Incontinence Cover for Car Seat- covers for swingaway supports sold separately test 123
  • #2406 Incontinence Covers for Hip Pads (pair)
  • #2409 Incontinence Cover for Abductor
  • #2075 Buckle Guard
  • #2425 Spirit™ APS™ seat depth extender
  • #2415 Swing-Away Abductor
  • #2419 Swing-Away Abductor
  • #2473-T Swing-Away Trunk Support
  • #2472-T Swing-Away Trunk Support
  • #2471-T Swing-Away Trunk Support
  • #2474-T Swing-Away Trunk Support
  • #2482-S Trunk Support Pad (Small)
  • #2482-M Trunk Support Pad (Medium)
  • #2482-L Trunk Support Pad (Large)
  • #2473-H Swing-Away Hip Support
  • #2471-H Swing-Away Hip Support
  • #2481-S Hip Support Pad (Small)
  • #2481-M Hip Support Pad (Medium)
  • #2481-L Hip Support Pad (Large)
  • #2400P-01 Tether Strap
  • #2410 Viscoelastic Foam Padding
  • #2455 3-inch Extensor Thrust Wedge

Product Specifications

Product weight (car seat shell) 20 lbs.
Min. weight capacity 25 lbs.
Max. weight capacity 130 lbs.
Max. height capacity 66 inches
Seat depth - standard 12 inches
Seat depth - w/seat extension 16 inches
Shoulder width 18 inches
Inside seat width at back 15 inches
Inside seat width at front 17" (19" with seat extender)
Shoulder harness heights 11", 13.5", 16", 18.5", 20.5", 23"
Seat-to-top height 28 inches
Seat-to-back angle 98 degrees

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